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Delloria's sword slashed through the demon and the creature fell with an agonizing scream. Dell chased down another and ran her sword through it to dispatch it with ease. She could hear her partner, Fraeya behind her yelling out in excitement for each demon that hit the ground dead and bloody.

Fraeya was Delloria's best friend and was the decedent of dragons. Her most distinguishing feature was the talon on each forearm. These were used by her in battles on occasion for close combat or self-defense. The talons were very pronounced but humans were unable to see her for what she really was. It appeared that mythical creatures were invisible to the naked human eye and this allowed her to walk around without notice.

Delloria was another story as she was a vampire and fell out of the good graces of her Coven. Vampires are a snobbish type and Delloria did not see the need to hide away from the world. She had been born of a human mother and vampire father so this made her a further outcast and also blessed her with the ability to be in the sun. She was nineteen and had been around the world to learn many ways of how to fight and wield weapons. She was not content with staying in the shadows and watching demons and other creatures attack humans on a nightly basis. Her human side was probably the reason for her feelings, but there were plenty of vampires that had once been human, and even they were too snobbish over the centuries to care.

In her travels Dell had come across the girl she now knows as Fraeya Millsti. Dell had tracked a group of demons through a forest and watched them enter a cave which looked to be where they lived. She was ready to sneak inside when she heard someone yelling and run past her with a knife in one hand and a hammer in the other. The element of surprise was gone and Delloria slipped in and followed the stranger but still kept her distance.

Loud shrieks and sounds of liquid splattering were filling the cave halls and Dell picked up her pace to see the girl that had run passed her being overrun by monsters. Dell ran and pushed her way through to the middle while making sure to widen the path with her sword. When she had reached the middle she saw the strawberry blonde girl smashing skulls with her hammer and removing limbs with her knife. She moved like lightning and the beasts barely had a chance to even get close to her, but the tears in her clothes and stains of blood proved that she did need her help.

"So what do I call you? My name is Delloria Haven of the vampire coven in Connecticut." Dell said to her while throwing a large bloody body at the wall.

The girl looked her up and down, then replied. "I am Fraeya Millsti of the Aspen Dragons."

"Kind of a long way from home, aren't you Fraeya?"

"Not really. Home is where you make it and I am always at home when running down demons and monsters."

Delloria smiled, and thought that this was the start of a very interesting friendship.
This is not going to be used in the book I'm writing, but posted it because I kinda of liked it as a meeting point for the characters. The vampire story background with Dell isn't accurate either to what I have written now on her. I'm glad I didn't go this way with the snobbish vampires as it seems to be the normality to write them this way. Enjoy this bit of action from my two favorite original characters Delloria and Fraeya.
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July 7, 2012
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